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The Family of God

Feb 4, 2018

Recently, while on holiday, I met a woman on the beach near where I was sitting. We began chatting and found that we had much in common.

As the afternoon wore on, I invited her to have a cup of tea and we stayed together talking and sharing until dinner time.

I saw her on the beach again the next day and she asked me for a cup of tea at her place. As the warm day turned into the evening, I enjoyed fellowship with her family and fresh fish from the catch of the day.

For me, the two days was so special because of the unexpected opportunity to spend it with a family. My son had been with me for a few days but had left and I was so grateful to share the time with this caring family.

Since Bill has passed away, spending time with a family is often bittersweet. I know that for many of us who are single or alone or lonely, or where there are difficult circumstances, holiday times can often be painful.

Whatever our family arrangements , we are all God’s children.
God calls us all into His family and it is His desire for us to be connected and contained together.

We can find a place within our Church family or with other Christians and as we reach out, so others will reach out to us.

God makes a home for those who are alone.
– Psalm 68:6

Together, lets enjoy our times with family  – wherever we may find them.

The Family of God from Dove Ministries on Vimeo.

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