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Bill Subritzky
Bill Subritzky has seen thousands of people touched by God’s wonderful healing love and many healed and miraculously set free.
Bill’s Book
Bill Subritzky tells the story of his life before he became a Christian.
Breaking Curses
How do I know if I have a curse?
Find Help
Find out how to be healed through the love and power of Jesus Christ.
You’re here for a reason
Is there a God? Why am I here? What happens when I die?

Jesus can help & heal you

Experiencing God’s Anointing
The anointing is knowing the supernatural presence of God upon us.
Free eBook: God Has A Plan
In God Has a Plan, Kaylene Subritzky recounts her personal journey to Christianity.
Healing Meetings
Healing Meetings and Events.
How to become a Christian
Do you want the free gift of eternal life?
Kaylene Subritzky
Kaylene guides Dove Ministries which has a strong focus on healing and setting people free from spiritual bondage.

“Keep praising God, examine your heart each day and you will get real answers to prayer.”

–  Bill Subritzky  – 

Real Life Miracle Healings

I was miraculously healed from a marijuana addiction at one of Bill’s meetings. – Kathy
As a new Christian, I was set free from anger by a word of knowledge about unforgiveness. – Tania
I attended a Bill Subritzky meeting and was healed from a horrendous long-term back problem. – Michael
Bill Subritzky discerned a spirit of witchcraft on my fathers side and God released me from it. – Trish
The curse of freemasonry that had been in my family was broken from me. – Kathleen
I received prayer for a stiff neck and an xray confirmed that my heart was no longer enlarged. – Lionel

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