Unleashing the power of God in your life

11 Jun 2016

We experience the power of God to bring healing, restoration and life into our mind and body. As we consider the question of healing, this article content is inspired by material from one of Bill's teaching pamphlets. Isaiah 53:4-5 is one of the most important scriptures that we can claim i .....

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How to come closer to God

08 Jun 2016

What steps can we take to get closer to God and receive healing. .....

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Quick view: The secret to living in God's power

23 May 2016

Kaylene Subritzky invites you to check out her latest message and video where she talks about the secret of how to live in God’s power and receive prayer for the anointing. Kaylene has also written a new ebook “God Has A Plan”. Visit her website to download it for free dovemini .....

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How to Grow in the anointing of God

16 May 2016

God’s anointing is when we experience the supernatural presence of God upon us and within us. As we consider the question of how to grow in God’s anointing, this article content is inspired by material from one of Bill's messages that he gave at a meeting in Malaysia held in 20 .....

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Experience God's presence and anointing

09 May 2016

Discover a secret to living in God’s power.  .....

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Quick view: Jesus gave His life for us

18 Apr 2016

Jesus was the ultimate leader yet He came to serve and give His life. Discover the blessings when we serve and sacrifice. .....

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Power in Humility and Obedience

11 Apr 2016

Jesus commissioned His followers to continue His work in His power. God’s power is released in us as we choose to serve and to sacrifice our own wills to the will of the Father. Jesus Himself lived out His life, in humility and obedience and in service and sacrifice. Jesus came not to .....

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Releasing God's Power

05 Apr 2016

Find out what happened when Kaylene chose to listen to the Lord instead of following her own plans. .....

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Who I Am in Christ

04 Apr 2016

Looking at our identity in Jesus Christ. .....

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Does God answer prayer?

09 Mar 2016

Why should we pray? As Christians, we all know that prayer is a vital part of the Christian life. When we seek the Lord by reading the Bible and praying, we are inviting the Lord to into our lives, to speak to us in our particular situations and circumstances. As so many of you know, Bill made h .....

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