Welcome to our new Dove Ministries website

27 Jan 2017

We are so pleased you have joined us. If this is your first visit, welcome! And if you are a regular, we hope you enjoy our new look. Read about the anointing of God, deliverance and how to break curses, becoming a Christian and watch the testimonies about healing. Check out all t .....

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Hearing God’s Voice

24 Jan 2017

God’s voice contains the promise and the power for our life. What God promises, will come to pass. By His power is how He does it. God’s voice contains the key to a successful life, career and ministry. As we are led by the Spirit, doing what He calls us to do, we can expe .....

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Why do we pray?

17 Jan 2017

In recent times I’ve had to look hard at my own prayer life. I've had to seek the Lord much more closely on my own behalf. Through this I’ve discovered that when we connect with God and develop our relationship with Him, our belief gets stronger and stronger. K .....

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Celebrating Christmas Day

14 Dec 2016

The greatest gift we can give each other at Christmas, is time. Yes it is lovely to give gifts and open presents. But it is time that is of real value. Time to talk about the year that’s been. Time to talk together and share food and fun. Time to think about the year ahead. Time too to hel .....

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Christmas greetings and blessings

12 Dec 2016

Kaylene Subritzky and the team at Dove Ministries extend a blessing of Christmas peace and joy to you. During the busyness of Christmas let us remember the legacy God has left for each of us. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him sho .....

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Radio interviews

08 Nov 2016

Kaylene Subritzky was interviewed on Rhema & Star radio about her book God Has a Plan. This interview was very popular with listeners and as a result these interviews were replayed several times on Rhema Media NZ. .....

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Turning our painful situations over to God

01 Nov 2016

Pain lets us know that something is wrong. If we didn't feel pain in our bodies and in our hearts, we wouldn't know we were sick. We live in a generation today that feels pain, but rather than trying to get the pain settled, we often seek a sedative or an escape. But as much as we try to a .....

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Pain can be the turning point for God to bring growth and triumph

31 Oct 2016

In times of pain it is difficult to see how anything positive can come from what we are experiencing. Kaylene has found that situations which cause us pain are often turning points in our lives.  .....

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Kaylene's story of finding hope in God

11 Oct 2016

Kaylene tells her personal story on Word for You TV with Terry and Jayne Calkin as featured on Shine TV.  .....

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Quick look at: Knowing more of God's power

05 Sep 2016

You can know more of God's power and receive healing. .....

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