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Everywhere there are people looking for answers to life's important questions. Are you looking for purpose and hope?

Bill and Kaylene Subritzky experienced a radical transformation in their life by being born again of the Holy Spirit and being baptised in the Holy Spirit. For Bill Subritzky this occurred more than 45 years ago and since then as an evangelist he has seen hundreds of thousands of people find hope as they have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Also untold tens of thousands have experienced major physical healings as well as deliverance from evil spirits through the healing power of God through the Holy Spirit.


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Kaylene Subritzky shares an inspiring teaching on a topic of faith that will both encourage and challenge you to pursue God more. Included in each newsletter is a video prayer for your healing.


» Bill Gets Promoted to Glory

Bill Subritzky is now rejoicing before the Lord in heaven. He passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday 23 December 2015 into the presence of the Lord >> 
Video: To view Bill's funeral service click here >>

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God Has A Plan

Kaylene recounts her journey from darkness to hope. She tells of growing up with an alcoholic father and her marriage to Bill Subritzky. Her story shows us God had a good plan for our life when we put our future in His hands. Download this free eBook >>

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Healing Meetings are held every Tuesday 7pm at Salvation Army Centre, 18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland. Come and experience the healing power of Jesus Christ.